Games consoles! Speakers! Arduinos!

We’ve just finished our incredible two week run at MadLab, where we took advantage of their brilliant community tech-arts space and learned how to solder together games consoles, speakers and how to get started with Arduinos.

Overall we were thrilled with how they went, and the feedback we got was great! If you came to the workshops, let us know what you’re doing with your creations.

We ran the workshops on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 1pm-5pm. This was clearly a bad idea in terms of clashing with lectures. Let us know in the comments, or via the Twitter hashtag (#UoMDigiLab) if you’ve got any feedback about better timings. We’re thinking about weekends and evenings now, though Wednesday afternoons will probably still feature.

Coming up next year we’ll have some RaspberryPi workshops. We’ll also be launching Discuss@DigiLab, our discussion group where people can meet up and talk about various different topics. Whether you’re a tech-veteran, or an interested newbie, everyone will be welcome. We’ll have guest speakers and discuss different technology-based topics every meeting.

Let us know if you can think of any workshops you want to do, anything you are interested in learning, and as always, keep us up to date on your projects via the blog, or #UoMDigiLab on Twitter.



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